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The worst may be over now. Drew and I stayed up with the puppies almost all night for the past few days, keeping them warm and trying our best to keep them hydrated. I even learned a massage technique consisting of a series of tapping and rubbing that was designed to relieve congestion and encourage productive cough for patients with pneumonia. It seemed to really help the puppies get the fluid out of their lungs. They also loved being touched. I even started stretching and rubbing their legs (like nurses do for people in comas) in hopes that it would encourage better circulation. They loved that as well. In fact, I learned that both Pork Chop and Beans are quite ticklish.

But the true hero of the story is Zithromax. When Willie died suddenly we rushed the puppies to the veterinarian to make sure they were not also taking a turn for the worse. Their temperatures were down to a dangerous 94 degrees and the antibiotics they were currently on were not doing a thing. The Doctor prescribed Zithromax and told us that if anything could save them now it was Zithromax.

Along with the massages, Zithromax pulled these puppies back from the edge and got them to start nursing and moving around again. If it wasn’t for this medicine, I don’t think these puppies would be here today.

I didn’t mean for this to sound like an advertisement for Zithromax. I’m just so happy the puppies are alive and seem to be thriving.

I realize that their road to recovery is not over just yet – they still need to be monitored closely for any signs of a relapse – but they are doing a thousand times better than before. I hate throwing around a word like “miracle,” but to me these little creatures are miracle puppies. I hope that when the time comes for them to go on to their forever homes, their new parents treat them with all the love and pampering that they deserve.


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