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I feel as though I should preface this review by stating a mildly embarrassing fact. I am a geek for Greek mythology. While all my friends dressed up their Barbies in trendy 80’s fashion, I dressed mine in togas I fashioned out of toilet paper. I named them after my favorite Greek Gods and Goddesses and re-enacted their mythological tales. I had an amazing assortment of books on Greek mythology and I read them often.

That being said, I enjoy watching sword and sandal movies. They hold a special place in my heart. So when I saw the trailers for the new “Clash of the Titans” I was thrilled. That thrill simmered to curiosity the more I read about and saw clips of the film. That curiosity turned to frustration during the first hour of the film and, ultimately, disappointment by the end.

This new retelling follows Perseus’ quest to kill the Kraken, but not because he needs to save the love of his life from being sacrified, but rather, to avenge the death of his adoptive parents who were drowned by Hades. That’s right, Hades drowned them. Not Poseidon “God of the Sea,” but Hades “God of the Underworld.” Shouldn’t the God of the Sea be in charge of drowning people? I mean, it’s kind of his job.



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